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    Czechia Work Visa Application Process 2024 (Types of Permits/Grants)

    Czechia is an advanced country in Europe with low joblessness. As of (eighth April 2024) the absolute populace of the nation is 10.67 Million. The lowest pay permitted by law each hour is 13.6 euros. Here, we will inform you concerning the Czechia Work Visa Application Cycle and the sorts of work licenses. The quantity of unfamiliar specialists has been ascending in Czechia. Toward the finish of 2023, there were more than 823,000 unfamiliar workers (Expats.cz).

    You know the guidelines as of now. On the off chance that you are a resident of an EU country, you needn’t bother with a Visa and a work license to work in Czechia. You just have to enroll at the Outsider Police Division in something like 30 days of appearance. Any remaining third-country nationals will be expected to get a work license and a Visa from the Consulate. Third-country outsiders should have a proposition for employment prior to applying. More insights regarding the Pursuit of employment, the work licenses, and the application cycle for the Visa are given underneath.


    Types of Czechia Work Permits For Non-EU

    First of all, it is extremely important to know the kinds of Work licenses for Employment and their motivation:

    1) Employee Card

    A representative card is the most widely recognized kind of work license for non-Europeans. A Drawn out Home Grant qualifies holders for live and work in the Republic of Czechia for over 90 days. The Representative Card is legitimate for quite some time.

    A representative card is given for a particular Work. Opportunities accessible to unfamiliar nationals are shown in a focal opening data set (central vacancies database).

    2) EU Blue Card

    The EU Blue Card is for exceptionally talented experts for certain long periods of working experience. The EU Blue Card for non-Europeans is legitimate for 2 years long time frame. It likewise goes under a Czechia Long-term Residence Permit.

    3) Intra Organization Transfer Card

    An Intra-Organization Move Card (ICT Card) is a particular kind of long haul home grant gave in the Czech Republic who are being moved inside a similar organization to work in the Czech Republic.


    Note: For Occasional/Seasonal Work in Czechia, third-country nationals can apply for a Short Stay (Schengen Visa) for as long as 90 days or a drawn out visa for over 90 days.

    Required Documents for Visa Processing

    • A Valid Travel Document

    • Accommodation details

    • Passport Size Picture

    • Employment Contract and all details

    • Employment application form.

    • Visa application form.

    • Qualification Proof.

    Czechia Work Visa Application Process and Requirements

    • Find a Job: Get a new Line of work: The initial step is to get a proposition letter from the Business.

    • Employer:  A business will apply for the work license for your sake or they will let you know the most common way of applying for a work grant.

    • Book an Appointment: You should contact the closest Czech government office in your country to book an arrangement for your visa application. Here is a rundown of all Czechia consulates (list of all Czechia embassies).

    • Submit Documents: Present every one of the reports during your arrangement Date. Check this link and snap on the sort of work grant you are searching for to actually look at the cycle and the rundown of the necessary reports.

    • Decision: The Czech Ministry of Interior (MOI) reviews your application and decides.

    • Travel to Czechia:  In the event that your application is supported. You will get an Extended Stay Home license, which permits you to make a trip to the Czech Republic to gather the Representative Card in something like three days of appearance.

    Quotas for Work Permits

    At some diplomatic missions, there are quotas for applications for employee cards. There is a fixed quota for each embassy.

    Processing Time

    Handling the Czechia Work Visa can require up to 60 or 90 days. The application time begins after you have presented your application at the government office.

    Duration of Visa

    The duration of the work visa is between one to three years.

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