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    Alex Alexandra Cooper Net Worth 2024

    What is Alexandra Cooper’s net worth and Salary?

    American podcast personality Alexandra Cooper has a $30 million fortune. Alex Cooper first gained widespread recognition as co-host of the podcast “Call Her Daddy” with Sofia Franklyn from 2018 to 2020. Sofia departed the show after a falling out and started a new podcast called “Sofia with an F.” After staying with Call Her Daddy, Alex inked a three-year, $60 million exclusive contract with Spotify for the program in June 2021.

    As per the terms of the Spotify agreement, Alex Cooper will get a minimum of $20 million annually in compensation for hosting the show. If she hits a number of download benchmarks throughout that time, she might get paid more.

    Early Years

    On August 21, 1994, Alexandra Cooper was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Beginning in 2016, she worked as an on-air studio anchor for Dirty Water Media. Cooper was Boston University’s standout soccer player. In 2014, the team was the Patriot League champions.

    Call Her Daddy

    Because she co-hosted the “Call Her Daddy” podcast with radio host Sofia Franklyn, Alexandra Cooper rose to fame. On the podcast network of Barstool Sports, the podcast grew in popularity. In 2018, the program made its network debut on Barstool. For a while, the podcast enjoyed enormous popularity. In mid-2020, Sofia departed the show due to a disagreement over a contract that had arisen between her, Alex, and Barstool.

    Contract Controversy

    According to a May 2020 report in the NY Post, coming a few weeks into a stalemate between Barstool and Sofia/Alexandra, the duo wanted to extract themselves from Barstool. The NY Post reported that at the time of the feud, the girls were under a contract that paid them each $75,000 per year. They could also each earn $2,500 any time an episode reaches 10 percent more than the show’s average audience. In protest, Franklyn and Cooper stopped recording episodes in early April 2020 for several weeks. In the meantime, Sofia’s boyfriend, an HBO executive named Peter Nelson, reportedly brokered a new deal for the duo at a new company, ignoring the fact that they were under contract.

    Barstool founder David Portnoy revealed that he offered the duo new contracts which would pay high six-figure salaries AND offered a route to re-gain their IP. An insider told the Post that Cooper was apparently open to the deal while Franklyn was not.

    A few weeks into a standoff between Barstool and Sofia/Alexandra, the two wanted to get out of Barstool, according to a May 2020 article in the New York Post. According to the NY Post, the girls were each paid $75,000 annually under the terms of their contract when the rivalry started. Additionally, if an episode draws 10% more viewers than the typical viewership for the show, they could all receive $2,500. Franklyn and Cooper withdrew from recording episodes in early April 2020 for a few weeks in protest. Meanwhile, despite the fact that they were still bound by their contract, Sofia’s lover, an HBO executive by the name of Peter Nelson, allegedly arranged a new agreement for the couple at a different business.

    At the conclusion, Sofia departed the program to start her own podcast, “Sofia with an F.”

    Spotify Contract

    After being removed from Barstool by June 2021, Alexandra inked an exclusive contract with Spotify that may eventually be valued at $60 million.

    Personal Life

    There was a period when Alexandra Cooper and Major League Baseball pitcher Noah Syndergaard were romantically associated. She has lately been connected to Matt Kaplan, a fellow podcaster and producer.

    Real Estate

    According to reports, Alex paid somewhat less than $11 million for a mansion in Studio City, California, in June 2022.


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