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Do You Know The Story About THE KING Of RANDOM |

Do You Know About THE KING Of RANDOM |

Jonathan Grant Thompson (born November 21, 1976), better known as The King of Random, is a Canadian-born American YouTuber known across the Internet. His videos are experimental, life hacks and random weekend projects. His YouTube channel has over 11.5 million subscribers and 2.4 billion video views (July 2019), making it the 326th most subscribed channel on YouTube. His most viewed video was about edible LEGO bricks titled as “How To Make LEGO Gummy Candy!” was uploaded on May 25, 2015, which has received over 33 Million views and over 400 Thousand likes.

Jonathan Grant Thompson

In 2018 Grant has taken a step back and has a new host Nate to give himself more time to spend with his family and to do more work behind the scenes. On October 25th, 2018 saw the debut of a female co-host by the name of Calli.

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I was at that point myself two years ago, ready to quit YouTube for the third time when I read a book called The E Myth, and that changed my life.

YouTube superstar The King of Random nearly quit the platform three times – luckily he stayed and now has over 11.5 million subscribers and 2.4 billion views. The story originally conducted by VidIQ – here we go. By reading such an exciting new series focusing on some of the most inspiring YouTubers around today, take a look on their creator journey and the story behind their success.

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Building a solid business around YouTube content was not easy for Grant. As mentioned earlier he already about to quit it before finding a balanced work or life not only for him but his team also. For the last eight years, He has been very passionate about figuring out how the world works and really taking time to figure out the mechanics of our society, everything from pyrotechnics to napkin folding, and from welding to making bread. Everything that he has learned so far turned into videos and put on his YouTube channel so that all the knowledge and experience he has been gaining through his personal experiences could be shared with the rest of the world.

I’m gonna show you how it all started, because this is my creator journey.

Here’s the life story before YouTube, born and raised in Canada and struggled in school and grew up with low self-esteem. To get himself out of bullied he involved himself into trouble making which end up getting in trouble with the law. 14 was the age when he took his life serious and took parts into things like extreme sports, cliff jumping, whitewater rafting, repelling and even skydiving. By age 19, he left Canada to go to England for two years to serve a voluntary church mission. And then came back home, bought an airplane, and decided to work on the oil rigs as a roughneck, blowing up dynamite and drilling for oil in the Northwest Territories.

He put himself into dangerous work, money was great that made was enough to help him pay for his airplane and the fuel for all the time he spent flying it. Got licensed as a long-haul tanker truck driver at age 22. He moved to Oahu, Hawaii to fly airplanes and drive motor coaches for Hawaiian tourists. While he was out there, he became a commercial airline pilot and moved back to the mainland to work for SkyWest Airlines by age 23. And with that stable career, he got married at age 26, bought 11 houses, and semi-retired at age 29. He has four kids, all boys by his only wife. And during that time, that’s when he decided to buckle down, learn how the world works, and start making videos on YouTube.


People ask me how the King of Random got started

And it was really back in 2009 when the economy was struggling, there were rumors of another great depression. He had a wife and kids to take care of and H took that responsibility seriously. So, he started on a personal journey to intimately understand how the important things in our society work, like light bulbs, electricity, and filtered water.


Keeping a curiosity about how they were produced and he wanted to know how to make them at home. Spent a whole year tinkering and experimenting with anything he could find for free off the classified ads. He made multiple discoveries about the thing that was mind-blowing. Making an arc welder out of microwave parts, rocket motor from sugar and played with high voltage electricity that was made from glass bottles and saltwater were the reason he took more interest.

So here was the crazy part. One day when he was sharing his thoughts to his brother, one of his friend watching all the crazy thing he was sharing suddenly he stepped up and said: “Dude, you’re like the King of Random.” and this was the name came from.

How this 01032010814 become the identity?

Grant created this channel in 2010 and these random numbers he put was actually date and time at that moment which provided him a place to upload and share his videos. His initial videos were recorded on handicam. At that time handicam were most popular recording device in the home but now we have high tech cellular devices with an advance quality camera.

Grant was not looking himself as a successful YouTuber but he was doing that and sharing because he loved it. People over the internet were also showing interest to his videos. Hundreds and thousands of views on his videos was his acceptance over the internet.

How The King of Random became Grant’s business?

In the late year of 2011, YouTube offered monetization to content creator provided a chance to all youtube community to work hard and focus as an extra earning. Due to Grant’s interest and received huge amount of views on his videos he finally decided to make this his business. It was his experiment on his channel

” The idea was if I made 100 videos that were good enough to get 100,000 views, then it would probably be worth it. “

Jonathan Grant Thompson ~

Worked daily for his videos, concepts and ideas to the point where it was almost his obsession as other content creators do for their videos and channel to get better results. It was a constant struggle and a real battle to provide something which viewers appreciate and continue watching his videos. Which really helped him to grow bigger. The success of his YouTube channel has helped build him as a person with self-confidence.

These videos aren’t just about showing cool things that he had made. It’s really about empowering people, showing that anyone can try something new and do something they thought was difficult. He mentioned in his interview with VidIQ many people have stopped him in the streets and told him how they’ve sat down as a family and done some of the projects together from his channel. And that’s something he could have never predicted when he started making these videos eight years ago.


How Much Worth The King Of Random in July 2019

According to my research about Grants eaning from his channel I have come up with a knowledge from Noxinfluencer that he is earning estimated $189.13K per month in comparison result of it shows that he’s earning between $13.1K – $209.1K per month. Most inspiring thing is if he’s earning between $13K – $209.1K /month on average his earning will be $111.1K. His yearly earning estimated between $156.8K – $2.5M  and the estimated average is $1.32M per year. (via Noinfluencer via SocialBlade)



Grant created a website named on his channel Website has 3 major pages KIT, Merch and Project PDF

In KIT section products are on sale under $30. All products were used in his videos for his experiements and are on his website for those who want to do experiements can find them easily on the website.

Micro Crossbow Kit $21.95 | Random Hacks Glue Gun $5.00 | Skyballz Kit $21.95 | Skyballz Skyblaster $25.00 | Spyscope Kit $22.50 | Spyscope Challenge Slides $7.50 | Laser Assisted Blowgun Kit $29.50 | Blowgun Exploding Ammo Pack $5.00

Merch has Tees, Hats and Decals but in Project Pdf section you can find all tutorials and how to files in very low cost.

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Where you can find Jonathan Grant Thompson or The King Of Random presence on Social Media platform? No Problem!

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