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Alia Marie Shelesh (born: October 22, 1992 [age 27]), better known online as SSSniperWolf, is a British-American YouTube gamer. She was born in England but moved the United States when she was six years old. Her pseudonym, SSSniperWolf, and Sniper Wolf is one of the primary antagonists and bosses of Metal Gear Solid.

Alia Marie Shelesh

  • BIRTHDAY – October 22, 1992
  • BIRTHPLACE – British-
  • BIRTH SIGN – Libra
  • HEIGHT – 5’4″ (163 cm)

Many streamers became stars with the help of Social Media. They built their careers by cleverly utilizing social media strategically. SSSniperWolf is one such star who has become famous on social media channels. She showed interest in from a very age. According the posted by her, the story behind the purchase of her first system is comical. Her father had buy a Sony PlayStation to stop her and her brother from fighting with each other. After she grew up to be an expert gamer, she started a YouTube channel called ‘SSSniperWolf’ which became her popular name later on. She derived her gaming name from a popular video game called ‘Metal Gear Solid.’ Her gaming channel has made her a social media star who has cleverly utilized social media to grow her career. [easy_youtube_gallery id=leAQdGVFvBw][/easy_youtube_gallery]


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