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    Finland: Seasonal Work Permit Process 2023

    Seasonal jobs in Finland are well-known. For foreign nationals, the Finnish Migration Service offers a variety of seasonal permits. Residents of third countries must get a Work Permit for Seasonal Work in order to work in Finland. You must submit an application for the necessary authorization if you are traveling to Finland to work seasonally. The Finland Seasonal Work Permit Process 2023, the several categories of permits, and the list of seasonal occupations will all be clarified in this post.

    Finland VisaYour prospective employer must provide you with a job with a monthly income of 1335 EUR, good housing that is warm, fireproof, and furnished with enough restroom and toilet facilities, as well as two days off per week. One of the demands on the employer is this. Below are further information and the application process for the Finland Seasonal Work Permit 2023.


    Seasonal Work Permits in Finland:

    Summary of Contents

    Three different types of seasonal work permits are available from the Finnish Immigration office, each with a different length of stay.

    1. Seasonal Work Permit – refers to a seasonal work visa
    2. Certificate for seasonal work
    3. Residence permit for seasonal work

    Seasonal Work Permit:

    The Finnish diplomatic mission or consulate in your country of origin or residence should receive your application for a seasonal work visa if you are traveling to Finland for less than three months and are from a country where obtaining a visa is necessary.

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    Certificate for seasonal work

    You should submit your request for a seasonal work certificate to the Finnish Immigration Service if you are coming to work in Finland for less than three months and are a citizen of a nation whose nationals are not required to obtain visas.

    Residence permit for seasonal work

    This category includes nationals of other nations without visa requirements for entry into Finland as well as citizens of the European Union.

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    Are you eligible for a permanent work permit?

    • You are traveling to Finland for a maximum of 90 days to work seasonally as a wild berry picker and you are a citizen of a nation without visa requirements.
    • You are a resident of one of the following countries: Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or an EU member state. In Finland, employment is permitted without a residency permit.

    Visa fees and permitted stays

    • Online 350, paper application 550 for 3 months.
    • Online 400, paper application 600 for 9 to 12 months.

    The minimum and maximum periods of residence under this Scheme are 1 year (12 months) and 2 years (24 months), respectively.

    Seasonal Job List in Finland:

    Jobs in agriculture and tourism are considered seasonal employment.

    Divisions of Agriculture

    • Production of crops, livestock, and related services, excluding hunting and related services, as well as forest management and other forestry operations.
      Sectors of Tourism

    Activities related to lodging and food services, ski resorts, tour operator activities, other reservation services, amusement park and theme park activities, supporting activities for the performing arts, coastal passenger water transport, and inland passenger water transport.

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    Find out what is considered seasonal work in Finland.


    • By September 5, 2023, 2,184 applications for certificates for seasonal work had been submitted.
    • Around 1,016 applications for a residence visa for seasonal work had been lodged by September 5 of 2023.

    Finland Processing time for seasonal work visas

    Your online application may take up to one month to be processed. A paper application can take up to three months at the same time.

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    Who is eligible to apply for a seasonal work permit in Finland?

    • In general, there are no special qualifications needed to qualify for this residency permit.
    • All nationals may submit an application.
    • There aren’t any specific language skills needed.

    Renewal of the Residence Permit

    The good news is that you can extend your work permit from within Finland once your residency permit expires. For seasonal work, you can apply for an extended permit.

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    Process for Seasonal Work Permits in Finland 2023

    Step 1: Receive a job offer from a Finnish employer
    Step 2: Gather the necessary paperwork.
    Step 3: Fill out the online application.
    Step 4: Pay the application fee and submit it.
    Step 5: To verify your identity, go to the Finland Embassy or VFS.
    Step 6: Continue the procedure.

    Link to Online Application

    For the seasonal work application, you can apply online. Through an online e-service, enter Finland: Online application is simple. Before beginning the application, you must read the commonly asked questions section.

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    Finnish Seasonal Jobs for Foreigners

    To directly apply for a job, you can get in touch with the relevant seasonal work businesses, employers, or industries. Below are some links.

    Here are some official websites and sources for foreigners seeking employment in Finland, along with links to each of their websites:

    EURES – European Job Mobility Portal: EURES Job Mobility Portal
    Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) Job Search: Migri Job Search 
    IOM Finland: IOM International Organization for Migration
    Immigrant TE Services: Immigrant TE Services
    The website: InfoFinland.fi
    The website: integration.fi

    Last but not least, you can apply for a job with a Finland-certified employer if you are not interested in a seasonal job. There are 42 businesses hiring foreign workers right now.

    Use the Finland D Work Visa Process 2023 to obtain your visa in as little as 10 days.

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