Robert Lewandowski Net Worth

Rober Lewandowski has always been in the middle of talk regarding the best strikers in the world. The popular football star has been granted many awards and achievements due to his determination to his ’s passion.

But I assume there is more to the of Robert than just football. Today we are going to overview the lifestyle and bio of Robert Lewandowski. But right before we start don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.


Net Worth: $85 Million (est.)
Age: 33
Born: August 21, 1988
Country of Origin Poland
Source of Wealth: Professional Football / Soccer Player
Last Updated: 2021


Robert Lewandowski Biography

The Professional Football Player Robert Lewandowski plays for Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga side, and the Polish National team. Because of his striking skills and fierce mentality. Robert has earned that title to himself with his most popular title being the world’s best striker. Moreover, his incredible goalscoring capacity merged with the unbeatable playmaking Nag and rigid sportsmanship has only benefited his hacker career.

Let’s dive deep and see how Robert emerged from being a football-loving child into the successful striker that fans adore today. 

First, Let’s start off with the basics. 

Robert Lewandowski was born on 21 August 1988 in the capital of the country, Poland Warsaw. He was the son of Iona Lewandowski and Kristoff Lewandowski. His mother, Iona, was fond of volleyball and played as an active member in Warsaw in a first League academic sports Association, while his father, Christoff, a former Judaists.

I was a pretty devoted player at the Huneck Football Club in Warsaw, so technically we can say that Robert was born into sports with his whole family being sporty. Now we know where he got those athletic jeans from.

Additionally, Robert’s sister Melena Lewandowski also got her fair share of sports inheritance and took after her mother’s volleyball passion.

Melena became a professional football player and even represented her country in National and international games, while Robert Excelon football, his sister Excelon volleyball early career. During childhood, he moved to the city of Leno and grew up there. His family was Catholic, so Robert was raised in a traditional Catholic household.

Since both his parents were in the sports field, Robert had better opportunities to experiment with various sports as a kid, and without a doubt, he knew that football was the chosen game for him, even though he did try the other options in front of him. After identifying his son’s love for the game, Robert’s dad signed him up for football sessions, where he initiated his coaching at Vera Sobia Warsaw. 

However, the coaching environment wasn’t as pleasant as expected, and Robert had to play in a grasped land with hard tarmac dust and poorly managed to change rooms. But these unsuitable, plain conditions were also a factor that gave birth to one of the best strikers in the world. 

After seven years of playing in Barodia, Robert shifted his to the fifth-tier club of Delta Warsaw to progress with his football passion. But that’s when a tragedy happened, which changed Robert’s life, Robert said. Stop Lozowski had always dreamt of watching his son play for the club he joined, but sadly, he didn’t make it that far and he died due to an illness in 2005.

So his dad missed his son’s first senior game and also every other game his son was found to play. Robert’s father’s early death shaped him to man up at a young age, and Robert decided to continue his football path to become a successful legend like his dad.

So at a young age, Robert had learned to thrive without his dad’s support. At the same time, he did everything to reduce his mother’s financial problems, collecting every Penny he could get from the Delta Football Club. Later, he moved from his family home and settled in with his sister in Warsaw. In the Delta Club, Robert managed to play decently and scored a few goals, which led him to be recruited by the Legia Warsaw scouts.

During 2005 and 2006, Robert Lewandowski served as a legitimate player under a one-year contract for the fourth-tier reserves to enter the primary squat as soon as possible. Robert played football with an aim and it was good for him. His position as a reserve player impressed the football coaches. Soon enough, the young boy with dreams joined a camp with the first team in rank to reach his goals and prove his worth, only to fall back with an inevitable injury during his game.

As a matter of fact, he didn’t get the opportunity to showcase. The aftermath of this serious injury caused him not to get recruited by other teams. He couldn’t join the Polish top League and his presence went under the radar for the running lower clubs. Remember the one-year contract which was made for Robert? Well, that team decided to not extend his contract.

Our young player was helpless and completely devastated, with no proper training or club to take him. The tables finally turned for Robert when his mom went to help raise her son up. As you’ve heard, not all heroes wear capes EVone came for

After Robert’s rescue and supported her son when he was in ruins during the 2006 summers, Robert became stable and recovered from his injury. Due to his luck, Robert got into the football club Zoning Prukop but with high risk. 

As his report said that he was still prone to injuries, Lewandowski rose from his Ashes and entirely focused on establishing himself as a worthy footballer. His team was blessed to have him as Robert scored 15 goals and made the team win the Polish third League.

Simultaneously, our young star earned a position to be the top score of the League. The tennis team got the promotion to Polish top League flight because of Roberts and the team members’ hard work.

Soon, Robert started scoring more than 20 goals in each of these, and Legit the club that had stopped his contract extension begged Robert to rejoin their team, to which he willingly agreed after many club recruitments and declining offers. Finally, he accepted to play for Barrosa Dortmund, a club with whom he signed a contract for four years.

He received his big break in 2011-2012. 

I love football, and I only love it because it gives me my
– Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski Net Worth 

Robert had reached a milestone at a young age, so it’s expected of him to have millions in his pockets. Moreover, all successful footballers who have signed millions of worthy contracts earn a pretty darn amount of cash since football is a profitable sport.

If they’re wondering about the net worth of 32-year-old Robert, they embrace your ears. He has a net worth of a staggering 85,000,000 dollars. But football is not the only source of income for Robert. (as of  Celebrity Net Worth & Lifestyle channel)

Many athletes are asked to sign contracts for big brand companies, and Robert also got associated with his merchandise, from which he cashed in quite the amount. Of course, big paychecks won’t Rec inside his Bank account forever. Robert attained a luxurious and lavish and has often spotted vacationing and partying with his fellow friends in popular destinations.

But aside from spending on entertainment, Robert has invested a part of his income in real estate companies. The expensive he leads today is also spent on owning other luxuries like mesmerizing mansions and even a jaw-dropping car collection. He is very fond of vehicles, so it’s no surprise that Robert gifted himself a garage with exotic cars. 

Overall, he is living the dream lifestyle. Like any other celebrity, Robert too has a heavy following list when it comes to social media. In fact, his Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are filled with the followings of his deniers, Countless other Robert fan pages are run on Instagram by his devotees. His Instagram feed proves that Robert is very much close to his family and friends, while on Twitter, fans witness football-related content and motivational stuff on his page. 

Additionally, he’s known to keep up with the hashtag trends and have a healthy relationship with his fans on social media. In conclusion, Robert seems very loving to both his family and fans. 

Robert Lewandowski Family

Speaking of family, Robert has a very loving wife with numerous titles to herself. The Glamorous Anna Londos is a Polish athlete, a nutrition specialist, and a graduate of the Physical Academy in Warsaw.

Additionally, she specialized in karate and was the representative of Poland in traditional karate. The athletic couple got married in 2013, which was during Robert’s winning years in his career. Well, we can say that the Lewandowski household is indeed blessed with athletes and his sportsmanship is running in their blood, but not just that. 

On May, 4th 2017, Robert and Anna were blessed with their first baby girl, Clara, and later on May 6th 2,020, they got their second baby, Laura. 

And just like that, we have reached the end. I hope we fulfilled your curiosity towards Robert’s Lifestyle, and we assume you enjoy reading the article.


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