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I was sitting in front of my screen reviewing many YouTubers work, watching videos in fast forwards and was selecting multiple names in a list to finalize it for my task, in a sudden I saw a video Step up your Filmmaking – The Importance of B-Roll that video was by PETER MCKINNON. Yes! Peter Mckinnon a Photographer & Filmmaker who’s a lover of coffee and a good storyteller. I asked myself Who Is This Peter McKinnon who has charming nature, perfect sense of communication and the most important excellent work. At that moment I stopped my searching and I said: “ This is the Guy I’m going to write about”. So Let’s Get Started…

Mr. Mckinnon is a Scorpio who was born on Oct 28, 1985, in Toronto, Canada. An amazing photographer who displays his crisp videos with lots of education tips for his viewers about photography and cinematography on his eponymous YouTube channel: Peter Mckinnon.

In 2009 Peter’s career splashed and skyrocket when he did The Plaid Chair Series. It got a noticeable project and share all across the internet and Social Media. His work has been featured throughout multiple platforms like Uncrate, The Discovery Channel, Gizmodo, ABC’s Revenge, MAXIM, Buzzfeed, etc. In January he was featured in MAGIC Magazine’s 6-page article torching his cinematography and The Plaid Chair series.

If anyone wants to learn cinematography, editing, and storytelling he or she has to watch The Owl – A Film by Peter McKinnon. He works shows a variety of skilled shots which speaks by itself.

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How Photographer Peter McKinnon Got 1 Million YouTube Subscribers in 9 Months:

Another YouTuber named Paddy Galloway created 11-minute video explained how Peter Mckinnon received such fame. He created his channel on Feb 16th, 2010 but till Dec 2016 he had only 5.3K Subscribers. In September 2017 he received 1 Million subscribers mark then in May 2018 he gained by 2 Million subscribers.

In January 2019 his subscriber count over 3 Million and currently on May 2019 he’s having 3.6 Million subscribers. Peter Mckinnon is not coming slow.

His highest monthly view is over 17 Million views. Currently, total video views are 224,761,990. Average daily views are 393,621.




Paddy Galloway estimated in Sep 2017 that he would be earning almost $13,000 per month from YouTube ads, and earning extra dollars by sponsorships for individual videos. Peter is also selling MERCH and PRESETS  which gives him some extra earning too.

(via Paddy Galloway via ISO 1200)

Furthermore detailed research about his eaning I have come up with a knowledge from Noxinfluencer that Peter Mckinnon is earning more than $16,500 per month in comparison result of it shows that he’s earning between $3,000 – $47,700 per month.

Most inspiring thing is if he’s earning between $3K – $47.7K /month on average his earning will be $25,350. His yearly earning estimated between $35,000 – $572,600  and the estimated average is $302,300 per year.

(via Noinfluencer via SocialBlade)



Shorty Award 2019 for Breakout YouTuber

There were 6 nominees for shorty award, Madelaine Petsch, Mikhail Varshavski, Denzel Dion, Will Smith, Haley Pham and of course Peter McKinnon. Then you know what happened “Shorty Award Goes To PETER MCKINNON

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YouTubers Collaboration:

Many YouTubers are collaborating with each other to share content to extend their target audience, similarly Mckinnon also collabs with Andrew Kramer, Marques Brownlee, GARYVEE, Zach King, Lewis Hilsenteger – UNBOX THERAPY and Casey Neistat.

[easy_youtube_gallery id=8DQAgqD5wgc,NvYNkL2jIw8,KF1oNCuplLY,NS_geT7TJUM,8VZ2_kBu1Zg, ar=16_9 cols=3 thumbnail=hqdefault controls=0 playsinline=1 privacy=1 title=top wall=1 class=mySuperClass][/easy_youtube_gallery]

Peter Mckinnon Gear Kit

What gear does Peter McKinnon use?

Let me give you a preview of cool gadgets, all of those which help Peter to produce extremely amazing videos. I’m telling you it’s a huge list and it’s gonna be bigger and bigger day by day.

Vlog Life

Editing Life

Travel Life

Extra Gear I LOVE


As mentioned earlier Peter Mckinnon had a viral video with Lewis Hilsenteger – UNBOX THERAPY and the name of the video is Unboxing COFFEE

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