Marques Brownlee Networth Lifestyle and Biography 2021

Marques Keith Brownlee Net Worth, Lifestyle and Biography


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Net Worth: $6 Million (est.)
Age: 27
Born: December 3, 1993
Country of Origin United States of America
Source of Wealth: American and
Professional Frisbee Player
Last Updated: 2021


Marques Brownlee Biography


Early life 

Brownlee was born in Maplewood, New Jersey, on December 3rd, 1993. This makes him 27 years old as of June 2021, he went to Columbia High School and studied at the Stevens Institute of Technology, where he made it in business and information technology.

Brownlee graduated from school in May 2015 and turned into a full-time YouTuber. His videos were first created in his apartment until he moved out in 2016, and he currently works out of a studio in Kearny, New Jersey, using red video equipment and the latest high-tech accessories to film his YouTube videos.


Marques Browley is an American and pro Frisbee player most famous for his tech Focus videos as well as his podcast Waveform “The MKBHD”  Podcast. The name of his YouTube channel is a connection of MKB, Marquez’s initials, and HD for high definition.

He’s hacked up over 14.2 million subscribers and over 2.51 billion total video views.

Brownlee first joined on YouTube on March 21st 2008. He initially began uploading technology videos in January 2009 while still in high school about new items or reviews of things he previously owned.

He created his initial videos through screencasting. His first few hundred videos were primarily hardware tutorials and freeware. As of December 2019, his channel had acquired more than 10 million subscribers, making MKBHD perhaps the most subscribed tech focus YouTube channel as indicated by Social Blade.

Rowley posted his 1000th video on March 29th 2018. In August 2013, Vic Gundotra, previous Senior Vice President Social for Google had called Marques the best technology reviewer in the world at this moment. He has Likewise gotten different on it, including being in a YouTube Shawn Award for the Creator of the Decade in 2018.

Marques is committed to top-notch review content delivery. Some of his most viewed videos are unboxing videos where Marquez has gone out and purchased the most recent products, Unbox it on video and set it up for all of us to see. He then goes into the advantages and disadvantages of each product to help us better understand the product.

When a new gadget drops on the market, Brown makes sure he’s one of the first people to buy and review the product for us on YouTube.

So next time you’re trying to buy a new gadget, make sure to visit MKBHD.

He’s very interactive with his viewers and answers as many questions as he can. One of the reasons why he is one of the most loved YouTubers among the tech reviewers, Brownlee’s reviews have been promoted by other review sites as well.

ENGADGET promoted the site in January 2012 when they featured his event visit through the new cloud storage service called InSync. In November 2013, one of Brown Let’s most popular videos was posted by the LG G-Flex, where he performed different scratch tests to depict the self-healing ability of the device. 

The video hit 1 on the first day.  As of June 2021, the video has racked up over 8 million views. 

In December 2013, Brownlee did an interview with Motorola Dennis Woodside. And finally, in May 2014, Brownlee did the first over-the-air meeting with Even Blass. 

Brownlee’s video review and scratch test about 4.7-inch sapphire display for iPhone 6 uploaded July 7th, 2014 acquired great fame. Being featured on sites like The Verge, Forbes Off Post, CNET & Time magazine. The video even showed up on NBC News and in papers across the world.

As of June 2021, the video had acquired over 9.20 on YouTube and has had more than 62 thousand likes. In December 2015, Browney interviewed the late professional NBA player Kobe Bryant named Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant, in which he discusses the tech interest of Koba and the latest Koba design Nike shoes the Kobay 11. 

During one of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary debates that YouTube cosponsored, Brownlee asked the candidates by a video where the tech companies and the government can find a middle ground over encryption while considering Privacy and National security rights.

In October 2016, he spoke with Apple’s senior VP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi during their most recent MacBook Pro 2016. 

In August 2018, he interviewed Tesla Elon Musk and with the help of TLD Jonathan Morrison, filmed the Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk. What a treat!

In December 2018, Brownlee was included in YouTube Rewind, but later he posted a video about things he didn’t like about the Rewind. 

Why is he so successful?

What makes MKB so successful are his engaging educational innovative videos as well as his numerous different professions.

Marquez also turned into a pro-Frisby player in 2014. He’s now part of the New York Empire team, which rose to prominence after winning the 2019 AUDL Championship. 

Previously. toward the start of his Frisby profession, Brawley was part of a few teams like the New Jersey Hammerheads, Garden State Ultimate and Philadelphia Phoenix. Aside from YouTube and Frisbee, Marquez also has appeared on numerous TV shows, for example NBC News, Hot Ones, Physics Girls, Retro Tech and Good Mythical Morning. 

Since 2018 he also created his own YouTube series, Auto Focus, where he reviewed Supercars. For the past decade or so, he’s also a quite public Fame for his interviews on his podcast named Waveform Podcast. At the same time, he’s continued to do side interviews with multiple celebrities.

Net Worth

Brownlee has a net worth of approximately 6 million dollars and is estimated that he makes 5 million dollars per year from all his online business activities, according to Mind Tactics Video.  MKBHD Youtube ad revenue makes up about 40 to 50 percent of his total business revenue. Marques Brownlee over $1 million via YouTube’s ad revenue in 2019. That’s around $88,000 per month on average. 

He’s also between 1 million to  1.5 million US dollars from other sources of income, such as affiliate links, sponsorships, merch sales, and podcast ad revenue from Spotify. 

Dating Life 

The romantic relationship of the Maplewood and New Jersey native Brownlee and his girlfriend, Nikki Hair, started dating in late 2016.

They first appeared together on August 12, 2016, where Nikki Hair shared a feature of herself alongside Brownlee, with both of them holding a trophy. Since then, the lovely couple has been seen together at many different places.

When the duo went to the Plaza Hotel to attend Stephens Gala on April 14 2018, Hair took the chance to share a lovely picture of that moment in which they were seen kissing.


Now let us take a peek into Marques’s lifestyle and some interesting facts about him. Marquez owns a Tesla Model S P100D, which he occasionally highlighted in his channel until replated in 2020 with the performance model of a similar vehicle. He considers 82 to be his lucky number and he’s an avid dog lover and has a dog named Mac.

Brownlee is a pro Ultimate Frisbee player for the New York Empire (AUDL), who won the 2019 AUDL Champions. Brownlee previously played for the Philadelphia Phoenix in 2017 and Garden State Ultimate from 2015 to 2017.

Other previous team engagements include the now-defunct New Jersey Hammerheads 18, belonging to the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL), and the New York Rumble in the now-defunct League Age League Ultimate. 

The multitalented tech blogger and podcaster became well off thanks to his passion for technology and relentlessness.

Marques’s first promotion and sponsorship from a company were in January 2012 from the technology network called Engadget. In November 2013, his most viral video, which is based on the Android LG G-Flex, had more than 8 which have him well over $55,000 alone. 

In 2014 Marques’s channel accumulated 1 million subscribers a few months later by the end of the year, specifically in November, his channel had amassed 4 million subscribers. 

That year he started his series named Smartphone Awards. In the annual series, he picks the best smartphones and ranks them in specific categories such as best big smartphone, best compact smartphone, best camera, and best budget smartphone, etc. Thanks to these and many other intriguing videos, he was able to earn more than $250,000 in that year. In 2015 after receiving his major from SIT. He decided to become a full-time YouTuber.

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