Fernanfloo – Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado’s Oct-2018 Updates – YouTube| TuneEra.com 

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado’s well known by his YouTube channel as Fernanfloo, made gaming and videos on YouTube his earning fortune. Over 7 billion  views and more than 560 videos.

 30 subscribers gave him 17th Most Subscribed Channel on YouTube.  His views are mostly from his native country El Salvador.

In 2013 his channel reached 10,000 subscribers. After 6 month in Feb 2014 it was noted 100,000 subscribers. August 2014 was a month when he reached 1 Subscribers and in March 2016 he attained a spot to reach over 10 Subscribers.

Fernanfloo app was launched in Dec 2015, 2.3 downloads within its first week of its release. His new project is a gameplays on Twitch.



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