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Do You Know About Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a Mr. Beast? |

Do You Know About Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a Mr Beast?― No!  Let me tell you about him.

Mr Beast ( pseudonym of Jimmy Donaldson ) an amazing young self-made American YouTuber elevated his life and now become the most influential person among youngsters. Having more than 17.9 Million Subscribers (May 1, 2019) on his YouTube channel MrBeast6000. Mr. Beast born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina U.S.A. on 7th May 1998. His first video ‘Worst Intros on YouTube’ got viral and gave him prominence among other YouTubers. His popularity reached newer heights when he started creating unique content that no one else had seen or heard before. He is not only popular on YouTube but he has a huge following on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.


Donaldson is active on YouTube for last 7 Years and he’s not coming slow. He joined YouTube on Feb 19, 2012. Most of the videos are challenging based videos which made him viral and became noticed in front of successful YouTubers like PewDiePie.

Mr Beast (mrbeast6000) earned more than 2.4 Billion views and more than 17 Million Video Views and 720 Videos uploaded (according to May 1, 2019 report). Due to his fast-growing channel on YouTube, how is this possible that he didn’t receive appreciation YouTube Play Buttons! His achievements are he earned YouTube Silver Play Button for 100,000 subscribers in 2016, YouTube Golden Play Button for 1,000,000 subscribers in 2017 and YouTube Diamond Play Button for 10,000,000 subscribers in 2018. 125th in the global ranking, 57th in country ranking comments 50,137 and engagement rate 8.57% as per ranking, but as far as results from his channel ranks 137th for subscribers count, 791st for video views ranking and 100th for Social Blade Ranking.  Now the most searched content on the internet about YouTubers is “How Much YouTuber Earn Money” I have searched a couple of sites to know the estimated earning about YouTubers and I have found so much value differences. As per Social Blade estimated monthly earning of Mr. Beast (mrbeast6000) is $52.6K – $841.9K and annually earning $631.4K – $10.1M (May 2019). According to NoxInfluencer Mr. Beast’s estimated monthly earning $298.16K (CPM: $ 1-$ 4) and estimated potential earning $2.34 Million (CPM: $ 25-$ 29) (May 2019). You can find more detailed stats below. Is this real? Is Mr Beast earning as above? This question triggers in my mind when I look up into the figures and his videos. It shows me some evidence that the way he spends money on different challenges and gives away his money to other strangers. Being a rich Youtuber as in one video, he gave $30,000 as a tip in a restaurant. [easy_youtube_gallery id=uE6gud1voDs] [/easy_youtube_gallery] The most incredible video I saw was he suited himself as a homeless person and went to purchase a Lamborghini and he did, later on, him and his friends did a camp in a parking building because they did a minor hit a strangers car and they decided to wait for a person until he/she arrives and then they handed over a huge amount of $$$$$.


[easy_youtube_gallery id=JTQcIR2ZxU4] [/easy_youtube_gallery] He gave 3,000,000 Pennies to his 3,000,000th Subscriber received 7.1 Million views. Watching It’s Everday Bro for 10 hours Straight received 15 Million views, Saying Logan Paul 100,000 Times received 15.5 Million views, Trying to Fly Using Only Leaf Bloreceivedieved 12 Million views and so on…..

[easy_youtube_gallery id=xhIYirjB4Yc,HfJMs4mrSJM,tYHTVjfShOA,JTQcIR2ZxU4,IYgMEMdGkF8,3TflpIllQHY,foLlul8Tl3E,sg_XFT4K3N4,sg_XFT4K3N4,Fbl3E_XCQfA,Pe3pGsCeYXg,52ubXjlVzUY ar=16_9 cols=3 thumbnail=hqdefault controls=0 playsinline=1 privacy=1 title=top wall=1 class=mySuperClass][/easy_youtube_gallery]   Jimmy Donaldson a.k.a Mr. Beast is one the amazing person who loves to share his earning with people. Not only that he does sponsor videos too and spent their amount on his fans and other unknown people. HIS VIDEOS ARE ONE OF THOSE VIDEOS WHICH IS SPONSORED BUT I LOVE TO WATCH THEM EVERY SINGLE OF THEM. JIMMY God bless you and keep doing better and better!

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